Friday, May 6, 2011

Fantabulous Friday Finds

Sticking with the Mothers Day theme from Wednesday I thought I'd share fun things for Mom.

garden boots
First I love this planter idea from rosina huber. If you have boots that the kiddos have outgrown then this project would be awesome! You could also check the local thrift shops and see if you could find some!  I know if I got this for Mothers day (hint hint) I would be so happy! hehehe.

I love plants and flowers so here is a cute planter box idea from crafty sisters. Looks easy to make and would be adorable in so many rooms!

I also love this idea from crafty sisters. I would love this as a centerpiece! So cute!

home 047
I love pinwheels and think a bunch of them in a planter box would be so cute! northern cottage has a great tutorial on how to make them!

This subway art from sassy sites is so fun for mom. I think I may need to make this for our Grandma!

I love these spray painted jars from a pumpkin and a princess. So cute on a shelf or on the table with pinwheels or flowers! I must make this today :)

These flowers would be cute in the jars from above! little sprinkles of fun shows us how to make them!

DSC_0024 copy
These flowers would be cute in the jars too! going sew crazy has a great tutorial.

Here is a really cute card organizer from little birdie secrets. I have all the supplies to make this (for months now) and am going to make a event organizer with mine on a Rolodex for birthdays and anniversaries etc.

I love this so much from the crafting chicks. I don't have time to make this for Mothers day but there is Fathers day next month and birthdays :)

Hope you got some fun ideas!